Artist Impression Of The New 4,000 Seater East Stand

Week Beginning 14 June 2004 (60 days to go)

Overlooking the New East Stand Development From The Top Of The South Stand 14 Jun 2004

East Stand: Ground Preparation Looking South

East Stand: Ground Preparation Looking North

New Turnstile for the New East Stand and the main West Stand turnstiles. Of course in BLUE.

The West stand Car Park Turnstils

North Stand Seats Start to go!!

Well development now continues at a pace.

The ground works in preparation for the new stand gets underway

24 Jun 2004

The North Stand Seating has now been removed, banded up and ready for delivery

24 Jun 2004

The guys are busily leveling the ground over the nest 2 days for the support pylons to be erected within the next two weeks

24 Jun 2004

1 Jul 2004 1 Jul 2004
Things are starting to move on now. With the ground levelled off the supports are being hammered into position for the tiers to be built
The place looks bare with the North and East Stands gone.

But will look mighty impressive when completed

13 August Cardiff

The concrete bases are now complete for the North & East Stands.

Should start erecting the early part of next week

(week begining12 Jul 2004)

And there it was GONE! No more marquee
  Open air drinking as the block paving makes way for the foundations
  Mike and Rocket say there sad farewells to a an old friend
Oh, hang on a minute Rocket I spy 10p on the floor  

he East side of the stadium looking all forlorn as the it sits there waiting for the new covered 4,000 seater to go up

    The North Stand base is now all wired up and ready for the concrete to be poured in.

I hope Coventry enjoy the well loved stand as much as we did!

All the foundations are in now.

Erection of the new stand should begin very soon

Everyone is working extremely hard getting all the new facilities in place for the 13 August against Cardiff.

make sure you are all there, we are go9ng to need a lot of supporters to fill the New Sixways