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I Chose My Board Name Because:

" Favourite Breed of Sheep"

  Real Name : Andy
  Birthday : 1953
  Location : Consultant, Layabout
  Occupation : Wardon Villages
  Position Played : Openside then "Prop"
  Supporting For : 1984
Food : Anything that doesn't wink at me
Music or Group : Nizlopi
Film : As Good As It Gets
Book : Goodbye to all That
TV Programme : Guinness Adverts
Drink : Jamesons
Referee : Spreaders
Warrior : Tony Windo
International Player : Barry John
Ground : Wharfedale
Clubhouse : Teagues
Away Supporters : Saints
Best Warriors' Game : Beating Bristol in the Cup and dancing in the rain
What Attracted me to The Warriors My moving back to Worcester coincided with us entering the National Leagues
What Keeps Me Comming Back : Love the game and Life-long friend
A Rugby Related Nonesense : I've gone on Honeymoon with Fran Cotton
None Rugby Related Nonesense : Crowd Surfed
Pastimes or Hobbies : Any local sport and live music
3 Interesting Stories (2 True) : I was once crushed by Geoff Capes at Tally Ho
  I was once almost decapitated by a ball from Vanburn Holder(ex West Indies & Worcs )
  My niece played a rather attractive Character in the Soap Neighbours
Island Companion : JPR Wiliams a surgeon would be useful
3 Desert Island Items : 2 Bottles of Jamesons
Dinner Partner : Willies John MvBride
Warriors Ambition : Global Domination and my family start buying their own tickets
4 Players to Recruit : Phil Bennett, JPR, Pullin, John Dawes