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I Chose My Board Name Because:

Agnes - old school and work nickname. Red - colour of hair

  Real Name :  
  Birthday :  
  Location :  
  Occupation :  
  Position Played :  
  Supporting Since :  
Food : Organic Beef & Homemade Yorkshire puds
Music or Group : Pink Floyd, UB40, The Dammed anything else other than Rap
Film : Some Like it Hot, any stage show by The Reduced Shakespear Co.
Book : Any by Dean Kootz, Design Alchemy by A&A Hicks
TV Programme : Any Rick Stein series, The Hairy Bikers Cookbook, Art Attack
Drink : Real Ales, Southern Comfort, "proper" Hot Chocolate
Referee :  
Warrior : Pat sanderson
International Player : Tana Umaga
Ground : Stradey Park
Clubhouse : Any that serves proper beer
Away Supporters :  
Best Warriors' Game : So far \'05 saints at sixways fighting to stay up - the atmosphere - the tears of anguish then joy - the happy results for all
What Attracted me to The Warriors Spent years asking partner to take me to a local rugby game - he took me to see warriors at sixways instead - I was hooked
What Keeps Me Comming Back : Atmosphere,its a family game, supporters respect and loyalty, and fit men running around in shorts playing a bl***y good game, could go on and on!
A Rugby Related Nonesense : Was told to keep my eye on a ball that was kicked out towards us - did literally that - and got a black eye for my efforts - Doh!!
None Rugby Related Nonesense : Aged 12 attempted to jump a land rover on a riding school pony - pony had other ideas - i was thrown over and cleared it by 2 foot - survived intact bar big bruised pride and bum!
Pastimes or Hobbies : Arts and crafts, cooking, CAMRA eventsi officially make the best scones in sandwell county
3 Interesting Stories (2 True) : Once kidnapped my school PE teacher at toy gunpoint, tied her up in the quad and let rest of the school pelt her with custard pies and jelly, she was then \'rescued\' by a
  history teacher dressed as superman - for charity, of course - but oh the satisfaction!!
  I am 6 foot tall
Island Companion : Ray Mears
3 Desert Island Items : Wind-up radio, all my art equipment
Dinner Partner : Maralyn Monroe
Warriors Ambition : Top of the Prem and HC Rugby
4 Players to Recruit : Brian O'Driscall, Shane Williams, Tana Umaga, anyone JB Likes