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I Chose My Board Name Because:

" I don't know!! "

  Real Name : Gavin Parrot
  Birthday : 1977
  Location : London
  Occupation : Policeman
  Position Played : Tighthead Prop
  Supporting Since : 1995
Food : Pickled Eggs
Music or Group : Faithless
Film : The Lion King
Book : Da Vinci Code
TV Programme : Lost (Anything found yet?)
Drink : Anything
Referee : Wayne Barnes
Warrior : Neil Lyman
International Player : Jason Leonard
Ground : Franklyn's Gardens
Clubhouse : Bath
Away Supporters : FEZZ BOYZZ
Best Warriors' Game : Wasps at Home 2005, Need I say More?
What Attracted me to The Warriors The Fans, the People, The Sportsmanship
What Keeps Me Comming Back :  
A Rugby Related Nonesense : Placed a set of tables & chairs on top of the Wanderers Captain's Land Rover Discovery outside the Hadley Bowling Green
None Rugby Related Nonesense : Use to run the South Stand bar 4/5 years ago
Pastimes or Hobbies : Selling on EBay, watching DVD's
3 Interesting Stories (2 True) : I once worked as a chef
  Last season I put on 21lbs due to drink all profits to the club
  I'm never going to drink again
Island Companion : Lord Lucan (so many Questions?)
3 Desert Island Items : 29"Horn, iPOD, Endless Bat
Dinner Partner : Mrs Fresco
Warriors Ambition : Prem and HC Champions
4 Players to Recruit : Josh Lewsey, Martin Corry
  Austin Healy, Jason Robinson