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I Chose My Board Name Because:

" L'il - Always the youngest, Blue - Warriors, Fish - that's me !!!!! "

  Real Name : Marie Fish
  Birthday : 1985
  Location :  
  Occupation : Forum Surfer
  Position Played : Flanker
  Supporting Since : 2000
Food : Hot Dogs & Chineese
Music or Group : Not Fussy
Film : Harvey
Book : The Client, Mice & Men
TV Programme : Neighbours
Drink : Champagne, Guinness
Referee : NOT Mayhem
Warrior : Neil Mason
International Player : Matt Perry
Ground : Franklyn's Garden
Clubhouse : Madstad
Away Supporters : London Irish
Best Warriors' Game : Saints April 05, we were staying up with a fantastic squad and meant we had done it again!
What Attracted me to The Warriors The fans, the atmosphere, it IS a better game than football
What Keeps Me Comming Back : To "Innocent" to think of any!
A Rugby Related Nonesense :  
None Rugby Related Nonesense :  
Pastimes or Hobbies : Relaxing in front of TV
3 Interesting Stories (2 True) : I am a very quiet shy person
  I should really get back to riding a bikeand staying on it
  I am an animallover
Island Companion : Mathew Fo
3 Desert Island Items : Radiom J Leonards Autobiography
Dinner Partner : Bath Rugby Team
Warriors Ambition : Prove not 1 Hit Wonders
4 Players to Recruit : Gavin Pfister, Rhys Williams
Dan Carter, George Gregan