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I Chose My Board Name Because:

"Not Sure!! "

  Real Name : Matt
  Birthday : 1984
  Location : Worcester
  Occupation : Student
  Position Played : Fullback/Wing
  Supporting Since : 1997
Food : Italian
Music or Group : Led Zepplin, Afterview
Film : Monty Python
Book : Da Vinci Code
TV Programme : Simpsons, Top Gear, Friends, Lost
Drink : Larger
Referee :  
Warrior : Nick Baxter
International Player : Hodgson
Ground : Bath
Clubhouse : Bath
Away Supporters : Bath (can you tell I had a great time)
Best Warriors' Game : Wasps Home 2005, an awesome night and Bristol in the Cup who can ever forget!!
What Attracted me to The Warriors My Dad took me
What Keeps Me Comming Back : Best Spectator Sport (apart from maybe cricket)
A Rugby Related Nonesense :  
None Rugby Related Nonesense :  
Pastimes or Hobbies : Cricket, Music, Pub
3 Interesting Stories (2 True) :  
Island Companion : My Dog
3 Desert Island Items : iPOD and a Ball
Dinner Partner :  
Warriors Ambition : HC Rugby
4 Players to Recruit : Any good English players as we have too many foreigners!