ball.....The Warriors Rugby MAD Suporters.....ball

I Chose My Board Name Because:

" Check the Gradually Expanding Waisteline!! "

  Real Name :  
  Birthday : 1970
  Location :  
  Occupation : Teacher
  Position Played : Center
  Supporting Since : 1971
Food : Chocolate
Music or Group : From Kylie to AC/DC
Film : Danish Girls in Jelly Vol3
Book : Any Travel esp. Bill Byson
TV Programme : The Office
Drink : Guinness
Referee : Are you having a laaarf
Warrior : Too many to choose
International Player : Chris Horsman
Ground : Franklyn's garden
Clubhouse : Quins, Bracknell
Away Supporters : Saints & Tigers
Best Warriors' Game : Saints at home last season, just for the sheer tension and Bristol at Sixways 2003/2004
What Attracted me to The Warriors The fact that we can go to a game with feeling we need to punch each other.
What Keeps Me Comming Back : Drinking a pint through Al Fresco's Horn, forgetting that the first mouthful would be the assorted saliva of 100 warriors fans
A Rugby Related Nonesense :  
None Rugby Related Nonesense : Eating a dogburger in Indonesia or snowboarding in Tamworth
Pastimes or Hobbies :  
3 Interesting Stories (2 True) : Passed my driving licence at the 11th attemp
  I once found a tooth in a Chicken and Mushroom Pie
  I Speak Swedish
Island Companion : The girl from Countdown
3 Desert Island Items : A pilot and a plane
Dinner Partner : Peter Kay
Warriors Ambition : A Bank Holiday named after Warriors
4 Players to Recruit : Mark Cueto, Sebastian Chabal
Rico Gear, Daniel Carter