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I Chose My Board Name Because:

" Bridgend is my town of birth hence the CW bit. A.B.C. - Anyone But Cardiff!! "

  Real Name :  
  Birthday : Should Know Better
  Location : Fernhill Heath
  Occupation : Government Agency
  Position Played : Scrum Half
  Supporting Since : 2003
Food : Guinness
Music or Group : Levellers
Film : Sin City
Book : Jonathon Livingston Seagull
TV Programme : Sopranos
Drink : Guinness
Referee : Spreaders
Warrior : Nicholsa Le Roux
International Player : Gareth Thomas
Ground : Franklyn's Garden
Clubhouse : Bath
Away Supporters : Saimts
Best Warriors' Game : Saints in April 2005. We played against a full strength side with passion and commitment, scored a superb try staying in the Premiership.
What Attracted me to The Warriors Have always watched 1st class rugby but travelled to to do so. sixways is on my doorstep and the celtic warriors folded
What Keeps Me Comming Back : Honesty
A Rugby Related Nonesense : Leave Sixways Sober
None Rugby Related Nonesense :  
Pastimes or Hobbies :  
3 Interesting Stories (2 True) : I Like Guinness
  I Like Guinness
  I Like Creme de Menth
Island Companion : A Talking Parrot
3 Desert Island Items : A Pair of Oakleys and Shorts
Dinner Partner : Richard Harris
Warriors Ambition : Regular top 4 in the Premiership
4 Players to Recruit : Carlos Spencer, Josh Lewsey
Gavin Henson, Shane Williams