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Captain: Tony Windo

Worcester V L. Welsh 27 Sept 03
Crowd : 2700


Weather : Fresh Referee Mr. Higginson
Ground : Perfect Condition Half Time Score 29 : 0
Wind : Slight Full Time Score 34 : 0
Food : Debateable Man Of Match Gavin Pfister
Beer : Excellently Poured Scores 6 Trys, 2 Con
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Rate=Rating,   Try=Tries,    Pen=Penalties,    Con=Conversions,    DG-Drop Goals

Rate Try Pen Con DG Rate Try Pen Con DG Rate Try Pen Con DG
Duncan Roke 6 . . . . Tony Windo 7 . . . . Duncan Murray 7 . . . .
Darren O'Leary 7 2 . . . Ben Daly 7 1 . . . Werner Swanepoel 7 . . . .
Tommy Hayes 6 . . 2 . Neil Lyman 7 . . . . Wes Davies 6 . . . .
Gary Trueman 7 1 . . . Mark Gabey 8 . . . . Lee Fortey 7 . . . .
Chris Garrard 5 . . . . Craig Gillies 7 . . . . Iyran Clunis . . . . .
James Brown 6 . . . . Christian Evans 8 1 . . . Dan Zaltsman . . . . .
Matt Powell 5 . . . . Drew Hickey 9 . . . . Dean Thomas . . . . .
. . . . . . Gavin Pfister 9 1 . . . . . . . . .

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Bedford done and dusted, now it was time for the Welsh. However before the game got underway we had the pre match question time for the lunchtime diners, this week  was with Ben Hinshelwood and David Officer.

Asking the questions was the erudite Dave Bradley from Hereford & Worcester Radio. Not, unexpectedly all the questions bar one were about The World cup and Ben's selection.

Dave then interviewed Ben On the pitch before the game where the whole crowed wished Ben good fortune down under.

The players then reported for duty in the center of the green carpet, it looked a shame to play on and disturb such a wonderful surface.

However duty called and Worcester fans in full expectancy of another display of wonderful running rugby, opened their lungs and gave vent to the rugby god, "give us a victory to be proud of!!"

London Welsh got the game started under the control of the referee Mr Wigglesworth (remember Otley). Well he got the first decision right.

The Warriors for the first time in 4 games actually caught the ball. Deep in their 22 it was moved instantly to the rampaging Christian Evans, you could hear the thud as he drove hard into the chasing Welsh forwards

This move set up a Blitz Kreig that would have shook the foundations of the Arc D' Triumph. It was electric stuff, wave after wave of attack bored into the Welsh defence. James Brown changing his line and mode of attack at will, first through the middle and then quick as a flash down the line with miss passes allowing the hungry speedsters of O'Leary and Garrard to post their threat early on in the game.

Poor old Daren received two awful passes which he unfortunately could not hold. The whole crowd groaned in missed expectation and heartfelt sympathy for our illustrious winger. The question, "how would he cope?", his later actions gave us the answer, he coped magnificently!!

From the very first lineout, with Drew Hickey taking the ball beautifully, we knew the gremlins of Bedford were gone.

The ball was worked out wide on the left deep into the Welsh 22, Christian Evans took a great ball and absolutely stormed through the remnants of the Welsh defence for the first score of the day

Tommy Hayes confidently walked to the ball for the conversion and once again missed a very difficult kick from wide out on the touchline.

Warriors 5 : 0 London Welsh

This was not going to be another famous 100% kicking success today, in fact it was a dismal display of almost but not quite

The Welsh attacked, with flair but the Warriors defence is made of pretty stern stuff these days. There were some great organisation in defence lead by Drew Hickey and the ubiquitous Gavin Pfister.

Instantly the ball was turned over The Warriors were straight on the attack, at pace and with marvellously constructed attacking lines. Holes were appearing for the Warriors to drive into and through. The only thing stopping a complete rout was the warriors handling. Too many times the ball was turned over in the tackle or flicked into no mans land in what seemed a desperate attempt to continue the move. Sometime consolidation, even for 20 secs would have been more advisable.

But the confidence of this team is high, knowing what they are all capable of, it had to be tried at pace in a game. They have the ability to regroup and defend quickly so I say why not indeed.

The line-out was now working a treat from total mayhem last week to utter dominance this week and we know it can be done week on week!!

It was now time to really test the resolve of the Welsh forwards. A rolling maul was set up midfield and the pressure applied. Once again The Worcester 8 drove and rolled the defending 8 meter after meter deep into their own half.

Answer we now knew the catch and drive was more than possible

The warriors were now in command of the game, but were not scoring, why? Simply because the Welsh were defending every inch of their territory, having learnt their lesson last week in a terrible defeat at the hands of Wakefield, they were utterly determined it was not going to happen again.

Again and again the Warriors broke through only to be tackled at the last or pass indiscriminately to no-one. However patience, coupled with confidence finally showed through. Once again an attack was started from a turnover ball and on drove the forwards through Evans, Pfister and Hickey. This trio were having a glorious day, Chris Evans relieved of the responsibility of playing No8 was in his element doing what he likes best, scything his way through the Welsh players like a hot knife through low fat butter (I'm on a diet). The move was continued on by the rest of the forwards and the ever willing Gary Trueman, causing massive problems in the welsh defensive ranks.

Just look who is in supporting the ruck on the right, Daren O'Leary and Duncan Roke, this was indeed full 15 man rugby at it's best.

Finally the dam was breached and the flying O'Leary took a ball and took an unstoppable line straight over the line. This man O'Leary can finish he has the uncanny ability to be there at the right time on exactly the right line, over 20 meters he looks unstoppable

This time Tommy Hayes hit a peach straight through the uprights

The Warriors 12 : 0 London Welsh

The games was definitely going the way of The Warriors. The moves seem to be flowing from one attack to another. If the ball was lost the defence was quickly in place and the ball re-won. The crowed were growing in confidence that finally the team were coming together and we were going to be in for a bonanza of rugby delights. The forwards were dominant over a much bigger pack of 8 beefy forwards. It was the sheer intensity of the play that had the Welsh reeling, looking for a respite. It was not about to appear

Drew Hickey was having a humdinger of a game, his ability to read a game and join with his backs was a joy to watch. He times a pass equally as well as any center I have seen at this club. He was everywhere in defence and attack, and, he was not alone. Gavin Pfister was and is the man of the moment his fitness was really making the game seem easy for him. (that takes enormous work and training)

Another driving maul was set up the forwards surged towards the Welsh line, the ball was recycled another maul was setup and rolling on Driven by Matt Powell and the back row trio. Finally over they went for the 5 points, who scored? Do you need to ask, it was that man dynamo Gavin Pfister

Once again the conversion was missed this was becoming a disastrous kicking display. However Tommy's play in the center was very good, one covering tackle alone was worth the entrance fee. Harrogate will give the opportunity to see Wes Davies In the center alongside Duncan Murray

Warriors 17 : 0 London Welsh

Now everyone wanted in on the act, you could feel the will to defend was crumbling before your very eyes. The Warriors struck again within 4 minutes with a try to the man who was causing havoc in the welsh defence Gary Trueman. he was creating holes all over the field and a try was his due reward for some hard fast running rugby.

Could it be converted this time? Finally Tommy regained his sighting and fired one beautifully between the stick to take the score to:

The warriors 24 : 0 London Welsh after 36 minutes

However this was not the end we were yet to see something extra special form that Campese like runner the great the one and only Ben Daly.

The ball was being driven at the defence first one way then the other, the forwards driving first followed by the backs leaving Ben at outside center(probably fancied the other Ben's job in OZ). The ball was fed from Matt Powell to James Brown who drew the first line of defence and sent out a long pass to THE Ben Daly with  the streaking Chris Garrard outside him. Ben Showed the ball to Chris, then drew it back and with a shimmy of those snakelike hips accelerated  to warp factor 2 and was over for a crowd cheering try, WOW!!! Unfortunately not converted


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