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Captain - Tony Windo Worcester v Wakefield 25 Oct
Crowd: 2,500 Kick-Off: 15:00
Weather: Very Cold, Sunny Referee: .
Ground: Excellent Half-Time Score: 36 : 10
Wind: Nil Full-Time Score: 46 : 15
Food: At The Fetch Man O Match: Drew Hickey
Beer: Warm Scores: 6 Try, 4 Con, 2 Pen
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Rate = Rating, Try = Tries, Pen = Penalties, Con = Conversions, DG = Drop Goal
Rate Try Pen Con DG Rate Try Pen Con DG Rate Try Pen Con DG
Duncan Roke 7 1 . . . Tony Windo 7 1 . . . Jon Hylton . . . . .
Darren O'Leary 5 . . . . Ben Daly 7 . . . . David Officer 6 . . . .
Wes Davies 8 . . . . Lee Fortey 8 . . . . Rhodri McAtee 6 . . . .
Tommy Hayes 6 . 2 5 . Mark Gabey 7 . . . . Tom Warren . . . . .
Chris Garrard 5 . . . . Craig Gillies 6 . . . . Chris Hall 6 . . . .
James Brown 8 . . . . Neil Mason 7 . . . . Dan Zaltsman . . . . .
Mat Powell 6 . . . . Drew Hickey 9 2 . . . Matt Evans . . . . .
. . . . . . Gavin Pfister 8 2 . . . . . . . . .
2nd Half   2nd half
Saturday dawned and at last we were back into league action and what a game to start back in again. The last meeting at Sixways had not been a happy event for The Warriors. The injuries sustained that day probably cost us the game at Millmoor. We ended up with one fit center and one fit backrow player.

This is not last years team, this was here and now. It was upto the team on the field to show how they could dominate and control a game from the first minute to the last. This is the way to demoralise and vanquish a difficult opponent.

James Brown once again got the game underway for Worcester and boy did this team mean business.

Maybe against Exeter they were flat, the Sunday training must have done them good, because they set off like a steam train. Driving the Wakefield forwards backwards with consummate ease, the ball was recycled and a ruck set up.

As last year in came Wakefield to spoil and slow down the presentation. Unfortunately for them the referee was wise to the ploy and penalised them some 45 meters out, here we go again into attack mode..

They may have thought we would kick to the corner and give them another opportunity to stop the score. But Tommy Hayes Stepped up and hit an absolute beauty; Warriors 3 : 0 Wakefield From the restart, which once again was a disaster, Worcester managed to turn the ball over with some big tackles from Pfister and Daly. The Warriors were in a rampant free running mood causing hole at will within the fragile Wakefield defence.

The forward were at last domination a good set of forwards, driving them off the ball time and time again. The rucks were being cleared out giving Mat Powell time and space to get the ball quickly to James Brown, who once again was in commanding form.

His long accurate passes were releasing The Warriors runners, with Wes Davies making some great breaks. He has great strength and presence when in possession of the ball, but for some loose passes trys should have been scored.

At last the fine work done by the forwards was rewarded, when in came Duncan Roke at speed broke through the defensive line and scored after 7 minutes of play. The conversion sliding past the wrong side of the upright.

Warriors 8 : 0 Wakefield

7 minutes later and it was time for the scoring to be taken on by the forwards. Yet again James Brown pushed a penalty within 5 Meters of the line. Up strode the Worcester 8 in complete and utter confidence of a try.

This is now becoming an 8 man show at least once in every game. The ball was taken simply by Craig Gillies, as his feet touched terra firma in cam the pack and set! Then on came the power and movement. This has become an unstoppable force, driving, rolling all the way to the line for yet another try by that man Gavin Pfister. No mistakes with this conversion

Wakefield who started the day in 5th position were not about to give this game away and started to put some good pieces of attacking play together. However the hard fast defence of the Warriors was just too much and again the ball was lost and the Warriors were immediately on the attack once again
The Warriors were playing some wonderful rugby. Looking to score, with each phase of play taking them nearer and nearer to the line. With all 4, first choice centers unavailable through injury or world cup duty, it was the forwards who proving to be the amour piercing weapon on show today. Even so with James Brown leading from the front his backs were proving to be far too elusive for the Wakefield defence. The usually razor sharp Chris Garrard was guilty of failing to convert several opportunities set up by Tommy Hayes and more decisively Wes Davies, who was having his first start at center.
It was once again to the forwards that the next score was to come from.

Drew Hickey, once again was having an outstanding game, his ability to turn defence into attack was magnificent. He has the hands of Tommy Hayes, the power of Duncan Murray, the speed of Gary Trueman and he is our No8. His ability to take a ball in the line is become almost legendary.

Once again Brownie put yet another penalty out for a 5 meter lineout.

The rest is history repeating itself yet again. Up went Drew at the back and in came the power. Driving, rolling and driving again and this time it was Tony Windo who went over for the first Try.

This was followed 5 minutes later by yet another drive to within meters of the line, recycled another maul set up and over went Drew Himself for the first of a brace of tries for him. Once again Mr Cool converting both tries

The Warriors 29 : 0 Wakefield

One player who has been Mr consistent this season has been Mark Gabey who has been in great form both in attack and defence.

Seen here yet again available out wide to drive the ball on to break through the first line of defence, always making the ball available setting up yet another phase of attack.

He defends hard, often ripping the ball away to turn opposition attacks around and The warriors back onto the attack themselves

Wakefield looked  bedraggled and fighting for pride. But this they did with every ounce of their being.

However, try as they might all attacks floundered on the safe rocks of the Worcester defence. Much of the attacks were being driven through their forwards, any ball out to the backs was lost or just simply kicked away

Finally after 26 minutes a penalty was conceded and Wakefield desperate to get on the scorecard took the 3 points

The Warriors 29 : 3 Wakefield

However the half was far from over. With the Warriors climbing to new heights back they came onto the attack, once again trys being lost at the last minute by some very simple handling errors.

It was attack after attack with the Wakefield defenders unsure where the next break in their line would come. Time and again they tackled the fizzing Wes Davies, but the Worcester back row in Pfister and Hickey were on the spot fast to secure and make ground. Interspersed was some fine ball carrying from the young Neil Mason at No6

the forwards were in total control now and driving the Wakefield pack backwards at will. A great break in midfield by Roke joining the line and a quick ball to Hickey saw him streak to the line outstripping the Wakefield cover

Warriors 36 : 3 Wakefield

However this was not the end.

1 minute into injury time saw the Worcester defence up to fast and dog legged. In stepped their flyhalf behind Brown and the cover defence this time did not do their job.

There were three opportunities to stop the attack and The warriors missed them all.

The ball was fed out and yet another soft try was conceded at the death of a half.

The try being easily converted

Half- Time

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