Aladdin's Cave Mid-Season Report - 2004-2005 Funnies Index

Helter-skelter, roller-coaster, a touch of the Magic Roundabout – but not “Nemesis”: what a season we’re having! Perhaps “Big Dipper” is the best way to describe its highs and lows.

Lows there have been: 2 frustrating games against London Irish; depressing defeats by Sale and Leicester; a dubious decision against us at Leeds; a citing for Captain Marvel; nightmare journeys north on the motorways; horrible injuries to Jon Hylton and Leon Greef.  

On a Big Dipper, however, downs are matched by ups and we have had those in abundance. 

First of all, there have been the matches: driving mauls in the rain against Brive; a try-fest against Rovigo; a jamboree atmosphere in the public eye against Newcastle; nail-biting duels with Bath and Gloucester; our first Premiership point at Saracens; 5 points in the sunshine against Quins; victory away from home at Franklin’s Gardens.

Best of all, televised glory under the floodlights against the European Champions.

The travelling supporters have enjoyed excellent hospitality everywhere we’ve been – from the friendly fez-wearers and police escort in Watford to the Craic at the Madejski.

At home we have gladly welcomed the famous, the infamous and the “one-eyed”. 

Star-struck fans have queued up for autographs from Olympian figures previously only worshipped from afar.  Drinkers and diners have rubbed shoulders with rugby legends from the past.  

Away from Sixways, gold and blue clothing is increasingly visible in the streets of Worcester and you can read about the Warriors in the Sunday nationals. 

On the TV, Messrs Barnes and Morris analysed the “outstanding” performance of Matt Powell, called our match versus Wasps “a feast of rugby” and included Thomas Lombard in “Try of the Month”. 

“Rugby World” has featured major articles on the club and, more recently, Tommy Hayes.  


The Supporters’ Club has gone from strength to strength, thanks to JP and the Committee. 

Highlights here include some splendid social events: evenings with Martin Corry and Ed Morrison; a Wine and Cheese tasting with Nick Baxter and Nick Hodgetts; quiz nights; “Meet the Players” and regular DVD match re-plays.  

Other highlights this season have been Fortress Sixways filled to capacity; rousing chants of “War-ri-ors”; the Viking helmets; the players acknowledging the fans. (Do it more often, lads – we love you for it!) 

And what players they are – everyone of them is a highlight on his own! 

Old favourites from last year have been joined by famous names showing faith in us and not-so-famous names who are metamorphosing into stars. 

No “show-ponies” in the Warriors nowadays – thanks to our magnificent coaching team.

We have now reached the half-way point of the season. 

There will be plenty more ups and downs to come. 

We have already gone higher than anyone outside Worcester expected and we are not done yet. 

For the New Year, let us resolve to shout louder, chant longer and sing more often; let’s stamp our feet, clap our hands and raise our voices; let’s toot our horns, ring our bells and beat our bam-bams. 

In short, let’s show the ZP that Worcester Warriors are here to stay.