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Supporting Worcester Warriors

Passionate Support and Winning!

Author: Tommy Roth 
Date:   12-05-04 18:30

Wuss are trying to sign our players, a few rejects from other clubs, a few unknowns, what is the point?

List their key men, compare, and Roth have either an equivalent or better. This season's

Roth team had some real quality players most hopefully will stay but some naturally leave or move on. Wuss are building a team that is potentially going to be less competitive than this season's Roth team, perish the thought ! I think I've either got a point, or I've got my dose of sour grapes back !

Well what was OUR response? 

It was to fight back, it was to build a spirit at Sixways that carried us through a terrible time at the begging of our first season. We lost 4 games in a row and were hammered up at Sale.

Did we give in?
Did we roll over and die?
NO we did not,.

The very next game we won at home beating Harlequins and setting our season on the move.

Well lets go back a further 3 or 4 seasons before that we got hammered 42 : 0 by our good friends at Rotherham.

Once again:

Did we give in?
Did we roll over and die?
NO we did not!

The very next season we fought back and pushed Leeds all the way.

Remember taking 11 coaches up to Headingley for what was to be the deciding game of the championship.

We lost it!


But we cheered and cheered and cheered right up to the very last second we gave the players the best support ever seen at Headingley with almost 1,500 supporters making the trip.

Did we give in?
Did we roll over and die?
NO we did not!

We regrouped, we increased our support base and we got back on the bike and had another go!

Remember the trip up to Millmoor with almost 2,000 supporters.

We won the first half by a country mile, Rotherham were not in the same game. Eventually we lost but it was not through lack of passion or commitment every supporter up there was exhausted with cheering for their team.

We then had the decider down at Sixways this time we dominated the whole game and two breakaway tries cost us the game and promotion.

Did we give in?
Did we roll over and die?
NO we did not!

The following season once again we increased our support base, we were even more passionate, we were committed to OUR team.

This time it was the last second of the game up at Orrell.

Once again we had dominated the game, driving the home team 20, 30 yards in each drive. Each time the maul was pulled down and then they score a try at the death.

Once again we fail to get promotion!!


Did we give in?
Did we roll over and die?
NO we did not!

We regrouped for the next season.

With our Nemesis in the Zurich Premiership and Bristol relegated losing many of their top players would this be our time, would this be the year Worcester Rugby was promoted into the Premiership


Who can forgetthat day up at Orrell when we took over 2,000 supportersand turned Edge Hall lane into Sixways.

Who can forget that day of passion you could almost touch it, wrap yourself up in it. It was a very special day.

OUR day, the day of OUR destiny

Who can forget "The Fat Lady" singing alongside Cecil at Sixways on that bright sunlight April afternoon.

The joy, the passion, the sheer delight that after so many season of being the famous "Bridesmaid" we were the champions.

REMEMBER and savour that day, that moment in time when the world stood still as we truly rejoiced in a great and victorious campaign.

The draw against Gloucester to start off our campaign, the victory down at the Madjstad. The massive massive victory against Tigers in our own Fortress Sixways. We had fought all the way, we had got ourselves into 4th position.

Did you feel good, did you feel proud was your cup overflowing.

How did it feel, can you remember because I can.

James Cagney's  speech on "top of the World Ma" was nothing to what was pumping through our veins at that time.

We have undoubtedly hit a bad patch, no denying it. We have lost 6 out of our last 7 games.

ARE we going to give in?
Are we going to roll over and die?
NO we ARE NOT!!!!

WE are going to get back on that bike and pedal it faster than we have ever peddled before.

We all talk and sing about how special Sixways is, about how special OUR support is.

Well now is the time for every last one of us to prove it, to show our commitment, our passion, our loyalty.


What is Loyalty?

In the dictionary, the word loyal means unswerving in allegiance as:

1) Faithful allegiance to one’s sovereign or government,

2) Faithful to a private person to whom fidelity is due,

3) Faithful to a cause, ideal or custom.

Synonyms are: faithful, allegiance, devotion, dedication, constant, unwavering, steady, unfailing.

  • Loyalty is unwavering in good times and bad.

  • Loyalty is what you do, not what you say.

  • Loyalty is in your heart. It is willing and not reluctant. 

  • Loyalty can be demanding.

  • Loyalty may involve sacrifice.

We have two weeks to prepare ourselves psychologically and physically, we have to be prepared to sacrifice to meet the demands of being a loyal supporter.


By the time Friday comes along there shall be no thoughts of defeat or capitulation, only positive thoughts of a glorious victory.

Then we continue to the end of the season and once again show that never say die attitude that has got us through the last 6 years of fighting for OUR place at the top table.


Are you going to forget Headingley?

Are you going to forget Millmoor?

Are you going to forget Orrell?

Have we learnt nothing through those great annals of our history.

Are we going to throw away those hard days of excruciating defeats and allow ourselves to wallow in self pity?


Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives and I am going to see The Warriors win the premiership, win the Heineken Cup. Maybe not this year, maybe not next year, but I WILL watch them WIN!!!

This is MY club, OUR club and it is Special, because each and every one of YOU is special.


As Pat Sanderson said,

"Probably the best supporters in the Premiership"!