Just how do we compare to the Premiership averages for each significant category
Seasons 2004-05 to 2019-20
  As you can see the average wins is pretty consistent season after season once you take Warriors out of the equation round about 11 wins. The closest we have been to the average being our first two seasonsons un John Brain and Andy Keast. Mike Ruddock changed all that and it has taken a long time to get back to that sort of level. The Last 3 season have seen some consistency  


For quite a few seasons we have been within touch distance of the Premiership average and for 2005-06 we were in fact better than the average points scored. This season being the worst! Although we averaged 18 points per game the Premiership average was 6 points better. We have to go back to 2013/14 when there was such a big gap, the season we were relegated.  

It would seem that this season's defence is not as bad as it felt. Although we conceded an average of 26pts per game the premisership average was 23pts not such a big difference, wheras in 2016-17 there was a 7 point difference from the Premiership average.

An unusual point to not is the 2009-10 seas where we where virtually the same as the average we were still relegated. Probably due to it being our worst ever points scored season.

  Until this season we had been scoring more and more tries per game, but a real drop off this season. The loss of Vesty and focus on defence must surely have played a part.  
  The worst season ever for tries conceded, yes tries conceded by other clubs have also increased but ours is almost 4 tries conceded per game.  
  A graph that clearly shows how badly we have done since 2011-12. Shows haw good McGinty and Lader were as defence coaches  
  A definite improvement over the last 2 seasons, mind you we spent those seasons defending for the majority of the games  

This is the closest we have been to Mid Table since our first 2 seasons in the Premiership where we brought many of the players that did us proud getting promoted in the first place - Team Spirit and Supporter engagement was high and what a difference it made.

Have we along with the players become apathetic to results and league status?

All you need do is go back to watch those games and listen to the support, watch the players faces look at how much of a team we were and how much our club/team meant to us all. taking between 4 and 6 full coached to all the away games for over 2 seasons. Taking over hotels for a full weekend of supporter fun, taking over flights to Nimes and local hotels in Montpellier for yet another rugby weekend.

Who can forget "Albi" the fog and the bubbling fountain.

We are still the same people supporting the same club, how do we get it back?