End of Season Comparisons
Seasons 2004-05 to 2019-20
What a season of ups and downs starting with a bang and the best ever start to a season, followed by a real drop in form, ending up with 8 wins - the 3rd best season ever Saracens were penalised does that mean we were really 10th, however Covid robbed us a chance of 8th. A decent position well above the bottom 3 and very close to the top 6

4th best season since joining the Premiership

Equal best haul of bunus points, from close losses at the start of the season and TBP at the end
is season we underperformed in both attack and defence 3rd worst points difference, something that needs real attention
Seperation is as bad as it gets both attack and defence has been poor. However both lines are trending upwards Nowhere near getting us to Mid_Table safety. 2.5 pts per game needed!

Over the last 3 seasons we have crept closer to Mid-Table. 2nd half of last season whould have got us there if over a full season. The only half season so far

Home "Win" rates by club in descending order

First half looks like our best scoring match time, but we need to score more! We score very few points in the 3rd quarter, Why??

55% of the conceded points are happening in the2nd half, are we fit enough, can we not focus for 80minutes

Breaking it down to quarters. We score very few points in the 3rd quarter, Why??

Breaking it down to quarters. It all seems to go wrong in the last quarter, is focus or just fitness?
The last 2 seasons have seen us having a pretty decent last quarter, a big turnaround from previous seasons Pretty even but we need 27-28 points ech half a season to get to Mid-Table

This season in comparison to the average is not too bad but points conceded is the elephant in the room.

Alan Solomons' era is still looking good, all the greens are his and Gary Golds

Last 5 games of the season sees us picking 4th place in league points accumulated. I know the last 5 were by default but still pretty good achievement Form dropped off a cliff edgeafter the Saracens game
But turned a corner over the last 8 games.
We have ened up comfortably above the bottome 3 and very very close to the clubs above us.
Looking at the form over a 22 game rolling match period, it definitely indicates we are on an upward path since Solly took over. Clearly shows that form fluctuates throughout the season and does not truly reflect how the seasons overall turns out as our rolling 22 game shows an improving trend