The Season's Numbers
Season 2019 - 2020
With our drop in form this season is rapidly falling away Now 10th but still better than the previous 4 seasons (just)

Dropped to 3rd with only 31% of games WonWON.
Really shows how bad previous seasons were.

At least we are now picking up LBP's but now lost 6 games in a row.
Not scoring enough points attack is now a serious issue The worst points Diff in the Premiership and getting worse
Absolutely horrendous! at least the defence is getting tighter, but our attack is awful Dropped to 4th best points per game but nowhere near getting us to Mid_Table safety

Continuing to fall below points per game needed for a Mid-Table finish. Mid table is once again a step too far for this club

First half looks like our best scoring match time, but we need to score more! We score very few points in the 3rd quarter, Why??

55% of the conceded points are happening in the2nd half, are we fit enough, can we not focus for 80minutes.

Starting to get some bad numbers building up this season!

Alan Solomons' era is still looking good, but the last games are starting to bite into his good number

We are now the team with the 2nd worst last 5 games
5 points from a possible 25!!!
Form has dropped off a cliff edge since the Saracens game
How much as the Fats injury affected the players
Looking at the form over a 6 running match period, it definitely indicates we are on an upward path since Solly took over.
Careful this does not start to drop as the last few games have been pretty poor. To now add our form has now dropped off a cliff edge.
We would be in extreme danger of relegation but for the demise of Saracens. Our form over the last 5 games has been horrendous.
Mid Table target is now clearly beyond our reach
If we cab get the average league points for the 2nd half we will be OK Gloucester at home we have won 54% of them!!!